...in thought.


Also known as Blanche. He's French - an old friend we haven't seen in ages.


Mother of five and Terri's sister. David in "This Big", Sharna and Aimee belong to her. She is married to John.


...from the side.


...with a doekie on.

Terri's Torso

Yup, another sketch of my Terri.


A quick sketch in the back of the car while the moms go shopping. Sharna belongs to Sian. As you can see, she's also pleased to be sitting still for a drawing.


Someone passed on one of those rubbishy Time Magazine give away digital cameras to me. I took a photo of Sheth, blew it up on screen and drew it. This is the result.

Self Portrait

A quick sketch of one of my hairy moments.


This is my mom. She put up with me. Still does.

Pippa's Trim

I think Terri was giving my mom a hair cut at the time.

Self Portrait

The first comment most people make about this one is how much it doesn't look like me.

Self Portrait

This second attempt had the mirror propped against the wall - instead of in my shakey grasp - therefore a much more accurate rendition of my smile.

Pippa Reading

A.k.a. Mom, Pips, Granny Pips, Ma, etc.


My little sis. Note that everyone I draw is grumpy. That's what happens when you have to sit still for those arty types so they can do something "important" like draw you.


Or, should I say, Yael? Depends what stage of her life you're referring to. A good friend of Terri's from Twee Riviere.


Aram is my red haired cousin from Italy. He's an architect.


This is one of five nieces and nephews in Twee Riviere. She belongs to Sian and John.


Asleep of course.You try drawing one of your fidgety children while they're awake. I don't draw that fast.


Besides having them sit still long enough to be sketched, your sleeping children do make a rather peaceful subject.


Or, should I say, Scary-Eyes John? My brother-in-law, father of five - what more can I say?


When you can't get your children to do something "exciting" like sit still for a portrait, you have to paint them while they're sleeping.


... and sometimes you do manage to get your children to sit still and be sketched. As you can see, he's really happy about it.


I used to look after Gaetan's network. It shows just how much time I spent there.