Greg (oil on canvas) 2015

I can't show you yet, but this is last year's submission. For the  Sanlam portrait competition this year I painted Greg Smith from the Boulevard Blues band.

Project book (mixed media) 2015

Terri has set our family each tasks to do in a project book.  The first is a self portrait. I haven't sketched for a while.

9-parted Self (oil on canvas) 2015

 Self portrait painted for the Tiny Treasures II exhibition with a size limit of 20x20cm. So I painted 3x3 panels.

Blue Man (oil on canvas) 2015

My neighbour would not part with her painting so I had to paint my version of it for Terri. It is from a sketch.

Mr Jaap (oil on canvas) 2013

Father of my friend from an old black and white.

Ches (oil on canvas) 1995

An old one (from '95 I think), of my sister, for my sister.

Pat (oil on canvas) 2012

My aunt, for my cousin.

Emma is Left, Emma Split, Emma is Right (oil on canvas) 2012

Re-imaging a work by my neighbour, in three parts.

Amanda (oil on canvas) 2011

One of my cousins, painted for my Aunt B. Progress shots

Terri's blog

My wife just started her blog. Go Terri!

Mother and Child Bathing (oil on convas) 2010

This one started out as a commission for one of the waitresses at the Peppertree (Philadelphia, Western Cape). She's moved on, so it's available for anyone interested. Maybe I'll just keep it. Progress shots

Joy II b (oil on canvas) 2010

A commissioned repaint of Joy II for someone in France - this one a bit darker. Progress shots

Lance and Kelly (oil on canvas) 2010

Another commission from Kelly-X - just before they leave for greener pastures. Progress shots

Hey (oil on canvas) 2010

This is some kid. Not sure who, but his expression appealed to me. What can I say? Progress shots