Greg (oil on canvas) 2015

I can't show you yet, but this is last year's submission. For the  Sanlam portrait competition this year I painted Greg Smith from the Boulevard Blues band.

Project book (mixed media) 2015

Terri has set our family each tasks to do in a project book.  The first is a self portrait. I haven't sketched for a while.

9-parted Self (oil on canvas) 2015

 Self portrait painted for the Tiny Treasures II exhibition with a size limit of 20x20cm. So I painted 3x3 panels.

Blue Man (oil on canvas) 2015

My neighbour would not part with her painting so I had to paint my version of it for Terri. It is from a sketch.

Mr Jaap (oil on canvas) 2013

Father of my friend from an old black and white.

Ches (oil on canvas) 1995

An old one (from '95 I think), of my sister, for my sister.

Pat (oil on canvas) 2012

My aunt, for my cousin.

Emma is Left, Emma Split, Emma is Right (oil on canvas) 2012

Re-imaging a work by my neighbour, in three parts.