Hope (oil on canvas) 2009

Carlé brought Traveling Hope to visit us. Verrry exciting for the kids. I didn't want to send her home covered in paint so I suggested she rather try her hand at posing.

Progress shots

My Young Boy (oil on canvas) 2009

It's a series. "My Old Boy", "My Girl" and now this. Terri just doesn't want to let these ones of Sheth go. Progress shots

Erica (oil on canvas) 2009

Terri's mom. Next time I hopefully won't have to struggle with a low quality image. Progress shots

My Girl (oil on canvas) 2009

I wanted to do a series when I painted "My Old Boy". Hannah is the second. I'm busy with Sheth, "My Young Boy". Progress shots

Xena (oil on canvas) 2009

I also paint animals, it seems. This one commissioned by Karen. Progress shots

Nolundi's Smile (oil on canvas) 2009

Nolundi weaves for our friend Carlé. Progress shots

Gisela (oil on canvas) 2009

...and one more of Annalet's sister's children. Progress shots

Christof (oil on canvas) 2009

Another of Annalet's sister's children. Progress shots

Simoné (oil on canvas) 2009

Annalet's sister commissioned this, one of three of her children. Progress shots

Bright Golden Curls (oil on canvas) 2009

This is Terri. ...my wife. Sorry, no nudes. She is trying to convince me otherwise, but if it happens, it will be discreet. Progress shots

Hannah (oil on canvas) 2008

Final of three paintings of my children, although I did paint them at the same time, finishing each stage before going back to the first. Progress shots

Sheth (oil on canvas) 2008

Second of three (paintings) of my children. Progress shots

Caleb (oil on canvas) 2008

One of three, of my children. Progress shots

My Old Boy (oil on canvas) 2008

A sliver of Caleb's smile. Try this one for a cropped image. Progress shots

Eryn (oil on canvas) 2008

Tracy's niece, commissioned for her sister. I love painting portraits.

Eryn, Study 2 (acrylic on canvas) 2008

When I stopped painting, it was only to reach for another canvas. This one I stopped in the pre-oil stage. Hopefully I wouldn't run out before I got the final one done for Tracy.

Eryn, Study 1 (oil on canvas) 2008

Tracy commissioned a portrait of Eryn, her niece, for her sister, Missie. I tried something different and quite liked the result, at which point I stopped painting.

Ryan (oil on canvas) 2008

Fourth of four for... well, for Ryan, if you didn't see the previous posts. If you don't 'get' this one, just keep looking.

Tracy (oil on canvas) 2008

Third of four for Ryan.

Catching Rain Drops (oil on canvas) 2008

This is my idea of a still life. See, I don't just paint portraits. One day I might paint a landscape as well.

First Joy, Increased (oil on canvas) 2008

Painted from the first painting of "First Joy", it was soon after this that I was told that I had painted another artist's painting and not a photograph. Oops.

The Wonder Of It (oil on canvas) 2008

No, I don't know who this is or who he belongs to. I did manage to get permission from whoever took the photograph. Probably the parent. Anyway, it was beautiful so I painted it.

Jessica (oil on canvas) 2008

Second of four for Ryan.

Alex (oil on canvas) 2008

First of four for my good friend, Ryan Jaap.

Joy II (oil on canvas) 2008

The search for happiness continues. Talitha stood still long enough for a blurry photo.

My Old Chair (oil on canvas) 2008

I started this a few months before the swift kick. I took advantage of the burst of creativity and finished it. My Hannah girl on an old folding chair.

Here I Am (oil on canvas) 2008

I enjoyed the emotion in "First Joy" and in my search I (well, it was actually Terri) came across this. It turned out to be a photo of Annalet's father, so she soon laid claim to the painting.

First Joy (oil on canvas) 2008

I stopped painting for a while. Life had got in the way. Fortunately, Terri, bless her, gave me a kick up the rear end. About September last year I painted "First Joy" in the studio of Leonie Brown.